Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

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Strongest Behaviors

Joe will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Proactivity, assertiveness, and sense of urgency in driving to reach personal goals. Openly challenges the world.

  • Independent in putting forth their own ideas, which are often innovative and, if implemented, cause change.

    Resourcefully works through or around anything blocking completion of what they want to accomplish;

    aggressive when challenged.

  • Impatient for results, puts pressure on themself and others for rapid implementation, and is far less productive

    when doing routine work.

  • Proactively connects quickly to others; open and sharing. Builds and leverages relationships to get work done.

  • Comfortably fluent and fast talk, in volume. Enthusiastically persuades and motivates others by considering their

    point of view and adjusting delivery.

Collaborative; usually works with and through others. Intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations.


Joe is a confident, independent self-starter with competitive drive, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with ideas for dealing with them.

Their drive is purposeful, directed at getting things done quickly. This individual responds positively and actively to challenge and pressure, and has confidence in their own ability to handle novel problems and people. An outgoing, poised person, a lively and enthusiastic communicator, tending to be a little more authoritative than persuasive in style. Talks briskly, with assurance and conviction and is a stimulating influence on others, while being firm, direct, and self-assured in dealing with them.

Distinctly faster-than-average pace of work, Joe learns and takes action quickly. On the other hand, they’ll become impatient and restless working repetitively with routine details or structured work and will delegate such work if possible. Follow up will focus on completion and accomplishment, rather than how things were done. With an interest in other people and their development, Joe will delegate authority, limiting such delegation to those who can be trusted, and following up with pressure for timely results.

Makes decisions about people and situations quickly. Assesses what’s generally going on, and rather than exhaustively research, pulls together the information at hand and takes forceful action. They’re confident in assumptions about any missing information, and comfortable acting even in the absence of complete information. For this individual, continual progress towards the general goal is more important than always being exactly on track; course corrections will be made as necessary, when the time arises.

Self-assured, Joe sets high standards of achievement, both personally as well as for teams and looks for opportunities to compete and to win. Venturesome, they are stimulated by new challenges and situations, and can generally be found driving to new horizons. Harbors strong personal and professional ambition.

Management Style

As a manager of people or projects, Joe will be:

  • Broadly focused; attention is on where the team is going, and what goals are to be achieved, rather than on the specifics of how they will get there

  • Comfortable delegating details and implementation plans

  • Reluctant to delegate true authority; will discuss ideas with others, and is open to alternative viewpoints, but will

    only change opinions when an idea better helps the overall goal

  • Quick to follow-up on delegated tasks, generally asking more whether it’s finished than how it was accomplished

  • Constantly looking to improve performance and ability to compete

  • Inclusive and team-building

  • Direct and quick to voice an opinion of how things are going.

Influencing Style

As an influencer, Joe will be:

  • Authoritative in guiding processes towards goals

  • Driven to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible

  • Willing to take risks such as experimenting with a new idea or concept

  • Flexible in working with others to gain agreement in different, and possibly unique, ways

  • Outwardly focused on the audience, intuitively reading them and adjusting style to meet their needs if it will help

    advance the process


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